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RLH Properties, S.A.B. de C.V., its shareholders, partners, affiliates, related parties, and/or subsidiaries (hereinafter, “RLH”) hereby expressly reserve the right to amend, review, and change —at their discretion or as required by applicable law or governmental bodies— the design of the project, the buildings, and/or the residential units corresponding to the same. All the features and specifications indicated in this document or in any other publication may be subject to change without notice. The dimensions indicated in this document are estimates and may vary depending on the actual construction of the project, the size redesign, the orientation, and the location of the units, among other factors. The contents described in this document —including without limitation, photographs, logotypes, texts, presentations, and the project identification name— belong to RLH, or else, RLH has acquired the corresponding rights from the owners of those contents, or RLH has obtained consent from said owners to be able to publish such contents, provided that the same are protected by applicable industrial property laws. This document will never correspond to a sales offer, purchase request, and/or any other type of legally-binding document. RLH has not been registered to make sales offers in jurisdictions within the United States of America where a registration is required. This document is offered solely for information and dissemination purposes; therefore, RLH is hereby released from any direct or indirect liability that could result from using the indicated information beyond the purposes of the same. No governmental body or third party has intervened on account of the merits or value of this project or those of the relevant assets, if applicable. RLH considers that all information is true and accurate; however, RLH does not assume any legal responsibility as regards the accuracy of the information described in this document.
“Laguna Kai Villas” are owned and are being developed, offered and sold by Islas de Mayakoba, S.A. de C. V. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts is not the owner, seller, broker, developer or offeror of Laguna Kai Villas and is not an affiliate, partner, sales representative or agent of Islas de Mayakoba, S.A. de C.V. Rosewood has been engaged by Laguna Kai Hotel to provide management and optional services to Laguna Kai Hotel and Laguna Kai Villas. Rosewood’s engagement at Laguna Kai is not in perpetuity and may end at any time without notice to or consent of purchasers or owners at Laguna Kai Villas. Rosewood and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts are registered trademarks owned by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, L.L.C.”


Fairmont Residences, Mayakoba (the “Resort”) is not owned, developed, or sold by Fairmont or its Affiliates. FHP VILLAS LOTE 2, S.A DE C.V., a Mexican sociedad anónima de capital (the “Developer”), is independently owned and operated and is solely responsible for the ownership, development, and operation of the Resort.
The Developer uses the Fairmont brand name and certain Fairmont trademarks pursuant to a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license from Fairmont. Under certain circumstances, the license may be terminated or revoked according to its terms in which case neither the Residences nor any part of the Resort will be identified as a Fairmont branded project or have any rights to use the Trademarks. Fairmont does not make any representations or guarantees with respect to the Residences or the Resort and is not responsible for the Developer’s marketing practices including this website, advertising, and sales representations. Fairmont is not acting in a joint venture with the Developer.


RLH Properties shall reserve the right to make changes, corrections, cancel and/or improve at any time all information of the Website and its Contents, even without prior notice.


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