Hotel minibars up their game with underwear, ties, chargers and even dog beer | USA Today

Originally published by USA Today.

Hotel minibars are becoming either rarer — in favor of all-hours snacks for sale in the lobby or on demand in vending machines — or more curated toward the individual needs of guest preferences.

Forget potato chips and beer, minibars these days are stocking items that are much more intriguing.

You may have never imagined a walking stick, flavored insects or juice cleanses as a hotel “snack,” but these days, they are becoming all the rage. As hoteliers look for unique ways to differentiate their offerings, the competition is heating up.

A free offering at Rosewood Mayakoba, one of four hotels within Mayakoba, is this free, take-home cocktail kit. It includes a bespoke mezcal drink that is not available for sale anywhere. Five master mezcaleros are lending their skills and talent in crafting this unique agave-based cocktail to the resort’s minibar welcome gift.