riviera maya

Where Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula greets the Caribbean Sea lies a peaceful coastline blessed with natural wonders and a storied past. Stretching south of Cancun for 75 miles, the Riviera Maya hosts both the extraordinary flora and fauna of a lush tropical jungle and the aquatic riches of the second largest coral reef in the world. White sand beaches opening into azure waters and the legacy of a Mayan empire lend allure and mystery to these inspiring shores.

Mayakoba is just a short distance from vibrant beach communities and secluded jungle ruins alike. A short trip south, Playa del Carmen has evolved from a sleepy fishing village to a dynamic waterfront town lined with boutiques, galleries, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.

For visitors interested in the Mayan civilization, Tulum -a spectacular fortress overlooking the sea- lies just 39 miles south of the resort. The ancient metropolis of Coba harbors enormous unearthed pyramids and can be found an hour inland. And a more extensive daytrip about three hours from the resort to Chichen Itza rewards visitors with a glimpse into the ceremonial center of a Mayan citystate.

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