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Waking up to an ocean view every morning is incredible—so is taking a dip in an infinity pool overlooking the beach. But none of it compares to being on the open water—diving off a boat, taking in the panoramic ocean views, and hearing the waves crash beneath you.

Of course, taking a luxury, multi-destination cruise is one way to hop around a certain part of the world. But if you’re not someone who loves spending days at a time on the water, why not choose a stunning location or hotel where you can charter a private yacht right nearby? Some of your go-to spring and summer spots might have a nearby marina that you’ve overlooked all these years. Or perhaps you’re seeking out a new beachfront town specifically for the enviable yachts and easily accessible marinas.

Whether you’ve sailed extensively in the Caribbean or are heading to Western Australia for the first-time to yacht through the oceanic expanse, we’ve compiled some of the best international yachting destinations for you to consider this year. These eight locales definitely need to be at the top of your spring and summer travel list.

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Los Cabos, Mexico

Where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos is a yachting destination, specifically known for their rich fishing conditions and inviting surf. Costa Palmas, a Four Seasons Resort and Residences opening this summer, will be one of the only Los Cabos resorts to offer direct marina access to the Sea of Cortez. Set on 1,000 acres of private beachfront, you’ll find a full-service Marina & Yacht Club, where you can charter up to 250-foot yachts and choose from their selection of 200 slips.

Mayakoba, Mexico

Along the Mexican Riviera Maya, Mayakoba has plans to debut a new VanDutch yacht in mid-May 2019. Guests and residents will be able to charter the yacht to cruise the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea. The VanDutch is fully-equipped with everything you didn’t even know you needed—including Sublue underwater scooters. Mayakoba is really a destination that has it all—lagoons, jungle, and a gorgeous coastline. They also just launched an ecosystem rehabilitation project, so those exploring the water can enjoy the coral and coastal dunes for years to come.

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Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Spice Islands, as Zanzibar is known, has a rugged coast and waters begging to be explored. With Zanzibar Yacht Charter, you’ll take a luxe catamaran or yacht from Nungwi Village to nearby Pemba, Latham, or Mafia Islands. The Tanzanian archipelago is set in a unique part of the Indian Ocean that looks almost clear.

North Western Barbados

Located along the exclusive North Western tip (just off the tourist-filled path), Port Ferdinand Yacht & Beach Club Residences offers prime real estate and accommodation. Their full-service marina and yachting community can provide 60-foot yachts berths with every residence. Charter your yacht for a day on the water to experience views of Barbados’ yacht marina and the Caribbean Sea.

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Corfu, Greece

Sailing through the Ionian Islands—which can be found off the northwestern coast of Greece—feels otherworldly in the best sense. From taking in preserved Grecian architecture to relaxing on the calm Mediterranean waters, chartering a yacht is truly an elevated way to experience this part of the world. For a true taste of Mediterranean luxury, charter a yacht through The Moorings and let loose on Greece’s idyllic waters.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Atlantic coast of South America is lined with white-sand beaches. The ever-present ocean breeze feels perfect in Brazilian sun, and it’s touted by CharterWorld as the “best kept yacht charter secret in the Atlantic.” They recommend starting your yacht journey in Angra dos Reis on the Costa Verde, which is in the state of Rio.

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Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef is the world’s longest fringing reef—travelers can snorkel right off the shore to find a variety of rare fish, turtles, manta rays, reef sharks, and octopus. Sail Ningaloo takes guests to secluded areas where you’ll find the most diverse coral and wildlife. The privately owned yacht, “Shore Thing,” takes guests on a multi-day cruise across Western Australia’s Coral Coast, sailing through the Ningaloo Reef. And because you’re sailing through one of the most remote parts of the world, travelers get to touch beaches and see coral that few people in the world have ever explored.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo plays host to a scattering of islands, vibrant coral reefs, and of course, Komodo dragons. For a private yacht charter in southeast Asia, you can book through Fraser Yachts. The sought-after Samata, which goes for $44,590 a week, is equipped for you and your guests every need—including that it comes with dive instructors and a massage therapist.