15 Culinary-Focused Honeymoons for Foodies | Brides

Originally published by Brides. 

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but for die-hard foodies it certainly goes both ways. There’s no better time to indulge—like, really indulge—than in the days after you’ve taken off the perfectly-fitted gown and corset or Spanx. Because as much as a beach vacation is what you want after agonizing over all the little details for months, it’s also important during this time to eat and drink all the things you’ve been withholding from yourself—and discover delicious new obsessions.

These destinations celebrate the culinary arts in a serious way, and many come with the opportunity to pick up some skills to take home as the ultimate souvenir, that way your man has no excuse for not cooking you a fabulous dinner on a moment’s notice.

Mayakoba, Mexico

The Riviera Maya eco resort is home to El Pueblito Cooking School, where a Mayan cook instructs wannabe chefs in preparing traditional regional dishes like relleno negro, cooked in an authentic underground oven, and how to make tortillas by hand. Newlyweds can also go on market shopping trips with the chef, and to meet artisanal producers in Playa del Carmen. At Banyan Tree Mayakoba specifically, there are Thai, Mexican and now Italian cooking classes as well as an interactive dining experience called HAAB, in which guests are escorted into the jungle for an immersive cultural dinner by decorated Mayan warriors.